Door Styles for Your Pasadena TX Home

Decorative Glass

Our decorative glass options bring a touch of elegance to your entrance while balancing natural light and privacy needs. Choose from a wide range of colors, textures, shapes and caming to complement your home’s style.

A fusion of pattern and texture, Capricorn’s lattice design adds character to a Traditional door. Inspired by wrought iron window grilles, Catalina combines old world artistry with modern innovation. Whether the soft wisps of a cloud or a 30,000-foot view of mountainous terrain, Cumulus offers stability and skyward movement.

A nod to Greene & Greene, H.J. Nick’s custom stained glass craftsman doors are a beautiful interpretation of original entry doors at The Gamble House in Pasadena, CA. Like all of our doors, they are built to the highest standards of quality, with mortise and tenon joinery, solid hemlock wood and hand-crafted hardware. They are a work of art that will stand the test of time, and will enhance the beauty of your home.


In addition to decorative glass, door transoms add architectural flair and fill a home with natural light. Typically placed above doors, sidelites and/or other windows, these architectural features add height to your entryway and draw eyes upward, giving your house a sense of grandeur.

In architecture, a transom is the cross-bar that separates a door from the window above it; it contrasts with a mullion. Transom windows can be fixed, so they cannot be opened, or they can let in a good amount of air for ventilation.

They are a popular choice for entrances that receive a lot of foot traffic and for getting more light into landings on stairways. They are often crafted of clear glass, but they can also be made to look stained or textured. They are available for exterior doors and interior doors, but they are more commonly used above exterior doors. Most interior door transoms are purely ornamental and do not open, while exterior ones that can open often include a screen to keep bugs out.

Strut Bracing

Strut braces are an inexpensive bolt-on upgrade that can make a big difference in the handling of your car. They help to keep the suspension aligned and can even prevent costly sheet metal damage caused by “mushrooming” from potholes or other road debris. The multiple-bar design of these braces helps to resist twisting and bending, so they can provide added stability for the front of your chassis. They can also be used to eliminate strut tower flex in your 2022+ BRZ/GR86 cars. This helps to reduce engine bay noise, while improving drivability. PERRIN Strut Tower Bars are backed by a Worry-Free 5-Year Warranty.

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