What to Look For in an Entry Door

If you’re looking for eye-catching exterior work, a front door is the place to start. But don’t make the mistake of focusing on aesthetics alone when choosing a front door installation. A poorly made door will quickly become a nuisance that you wish you’d never bought. Here’s what to look for in an entry door:

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In Pasadena and Glendale, residents take home security seriously. They want their homes to look beautiful and be safe for family and guests. This is why they invest in doors that are high-security and add to the value of their homes. Our iron entry front door and steel doors feature advanced technologies to keep intruders out of the house. They are equipped with hinge shields and locking systems that prevent break-ins.

Our high-security doors are pre-assembled by engineers during manufacturing for optimal home install. They can be configured with various entry lock options including single thumb-turn, key code, fingerprint scan and more. They also have a secure core made of ballistic steel discreetly infused inside.

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