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A garage door is an important part of a home and can be quite frustrating when it malfunctions. These doors have many moving parts and it is easy for them to get jammed or lose a spring. If this happens it is best to call a professional for repair services.

Repairing a Jammed Door

A door suffers from wear and tear with normal use. This can cause it to get stuck and require a little more force to open or close. If this happens, the first thing to do is observe and figure out what’s going on.

If there are signs of rubbing, such as scuff marks or scratches, then you can try lubricating the area in question. This might be enough to solve the problem. But if the issue is deeper than that, such as a shifting foundation, then the solution will likely involve a more substantial repair job. A block plane is a good tool for this purpose.

Repairing a Broken Spring

Your garage door springs are one of those items that you don’t think about until they break. But it’s something you should be concerned about because a broken garage door can become dangerous for anyone who uses it.

A broken spring can cause the door to fall quickly or come crashing down, so you should have it repaired right away. A garage door repair company can lubricate the spring, replace it, or make any other repairs that you need.

A new coil spring can be bought at a hardware store for about $55 to $150 each. To install it, you need to thread a safety cable through the end of the spring, then through the stationary pulley, over the moveable pulley and back to the track bracket.

Repairing a Broken Cable

A garage door is a large, heavy, complicated piece of equipment with many moving parts. If one of these moves out of place, it can throw off the entire operation of your door. That’s why you need to call professional Pasadena garage door repair experts if your opener has issues.

Trying to fix the issue yourself can be extremely dangerous, especially for those with little experience in handling mechanical problems. The springs and cables have extreme tension resulting from holding in place the weight of your garage door, so they can snap with terrifying force.

First, shut off power to the device fed by the broken cable at the circuit panel. Next, use a noncontact voltage detector to locate the cable.

Repairing a Broken Roller

The rollers that run along the track of a garage door are vital to its operation. Without them, the door can be very difficult to open or close and can even be completely unusable. If the rollers become broken, it is essential to call the experts for repairs.

A broken roller isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also damage other parts of the garage door system. This includes the hinges. The experts can repair the rollers quickly and safely.

These specialists are also familiar with the risks involved in working on garage doors, and they can handle the job in a safe manner.

Repairing a Broken Track

When a window track that glides along a set groove stops working, it’s likely because of dirt buildup or failing mechanical parts. You’ll need a professional to help you regain the function of your window track.

A garage door is a heavy, moving object that can easily break things if you try to handle it yourself. This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially since many of the parts are under extreme tension.

To prevent these problems, you should regularly check the door for any wear and tear. In addition, you should wipe down the tracks and grease them. These simple steps can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Repairing a Broken Torsion Spring

If you’re replacing a broken spring, be sure to use proper safety precautions. Clutch the ends of the winding bars firmly, stand securely on a ladder and keep clothes and body parts away from the springs.

Ensure that the new springs have the same wire thickness and length as the old ones. Ordering incorrect springs wastes time and money.

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