Window Styles in Pasadena TX

Window styles Pasadena TX

When replacing your windows, it’s important to choose a style that suits your home. Window styles can affect aesthetics, practical applications and energy efficiency.

Single-hung windows have a classic look and open upward to let air in. Double-hung windows have two sashes that move vertically, allowing for more flexibility and improved ventilation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, non-operable window styles that allow you to enjoy unobstructed views without grids or dividers. These beautiful windows feature minimalistic frames that are customizable to fit your style preferences and enhance the architectural design of your home.

Because they cannot be opened or closed, picture windows offer enhanced energy efficiency. They are often insulated and feature tight seals that prevent air leaks.

One drawback of this window style is that it does not provide ventilation, so homeowners who rely on ventilation should consider pairing them with operable window styles such as casement or awning windows to create an attractive configuration that provides both breathtaking sight lines and proper ventilation.

Specialty Shaped Windows

As the name suggests, specialty windows feature intriguing curves and angles that can add a custom design touch to any home. These unique window shapes can be standalone features or paired with other traditional window styles to bring your design vision to life.

Whether fixed or operating, specialty windows allow for plenty of natural light to illuminate interior living spaces. They also prioritize ventilation and reduce reliance on HVAC systems, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

Available in circular, polygon-shaped, and arched options, these non-opening geometric windows elevate contemporary and traditional homes alike. Pair them with other window styles to create a unique configuration that meets your needs for ventilation and aesthetics.

Slider Windows

For large spaces, slider windows are a great choice. Their sleek lines look great with everything from a modern home to a Craftsman bungalow. They’re also budget-friendly in areas such as installation and maintenance.

They utilize less hardware than other window types such as double-hung windows, awning windows and casement windows. This makes them more durable and energy-efficient.

Single sliding windows can only open one of the sashes at a time while double sliders offer both sashes to move, allowing for increased air circulation and unobstructed views. However, the sashes are exposed to the elements and may accumulate pollen, dandelion dander and dirt over time.

Single-Hung Windows

Single- and double-hung windows are classic window styles that complement many architectural aesthetics. When properly insulated, they can reduce energy costs and help prevent drafts that force heating and cooling systems to work harder.

Energy efficiency depends on window size, frame material and other factors. For instance, vinyl and fiberglass frames are readily available with added insulating foam. Moreover, double-hung windows allow you to open the top and bottom sashes to maximize air flow. They also offer a sleek appearance that helps increase visibility and support your home’s design.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are a traditional style that’s a favourite for heritage and period properties. They offer several key benefits, including enhanced aesthetics and improved ventilation control.

Unlike timber, modern uPVC sliding sash windows require minimal maintenance and no repainting or sanding. With an occasional wipe, they’ll stay looking great for years to come.

Sliding sash windows also offer increased home security. The robust counterweight system makes it easy to secure your window and keep it closed, and all of our uPVC sliding sash windows can be upgraded to achieve Secured by Design status for added peace of mind. Energy efficiency is another important benefit. Our double glazed uPVC sliding sash windows are A rated, keeping the heat inside your property and cutting your heating bills.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bow windows are a beautiful addition to any living space. They’re similar to bay windows, but have a more graceful curve. Bow windows consist of four to six window sections joined together to form a curved style that adds space and light to the room.

Both bay and bow windows offer a dramatic improvement to your home’s look and value. They both protrude from the exterior wall or corner and let in more natural light.

A professional installer will know how to integrate these large, protruding windows into a remodel and understand regional building codes. They can also ensure the entire structure is well-insulated to maximize energy efficiency.

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