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Casement windows Pasadena TX

If you’re looking for a beautiful and efficient way to let in the breeze, look no further than replacement casement windows. These hinged, crank-out windows provide unobstructed views, improved ventilation, and more.

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If you’re looking for a window style that offers big views and bountiful breezes, a casement window is the way to go. Easily opened by cranking a handle, they offer top to bottom ventilation and can be combined with other window styles like picture windows or awning windows.

Homeowners can also choose to add a Low-E coating and gas to their new window. These energy efficiency features help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The multi-pane design of a Sunrise casement window allows for better insulation, too. The frames and sashes are fusion-welded to create an airtight barrier that eliminates the space between the sashes where cold air can enter. They are also available with an insulated glass package that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements and provides exceptional insulation for your home.

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If you are looking for a window style that provides plenty of air flow and has the look of a door, then casement windows are your best option. These windows hinge on one side and operate with a hand-crank, making them easy to open.

This allows them to be opened wider than other types of windows. They also do not feature obstructive sashes like sliding windows, which means that you can enjoy expansive views and bountiful breezes.

In addition to their ease of use, casement windows are a great choice for insulation. Their frames and sashes are made from premium virgin uPVC and have a high R-value, which keeps your home well insulated. They are also fusion-welded, which eliminates gaps and water infiltration. Additionally, Sunrise casement windows are available with a 90% argon or krypton gas fill or an air-filled space for high altitude areas, which makes them more energy efficient than double-hung windows. Combined, these features make them among the most energy-efficient windows in the industry.


Casement windows are one of the safest types of window to install in a home. Unlike sliding windows, they do not feature sections that separate the glass, and their hardware is located within the frame instead of obstructing your view or eyesight. This makes it extremely difficult for burglars to open them from outside.

They also offer incredible ventilation capacity. Compared to other window styles, they can extend all the way up or down, letting in the maximum amount of air. They are often found above kitchen sinks or used in sitting rooms and sunrooms. They are also able to be combined with other window styles in stunning combinations to create unique designs and shapes.

Additionally, their tight seal makes them ideal for reducing energy bills. With a simple design, you can easily clean them throughout the year without worrying about dust or debris. They can also be fitted with bars and grates to boost their security levels even more.


If you notice that your casement windows are difficult to open or close, it’s a good idea to have the crank mechanism lubricated. A window replacement professional can help you find the right lubricant to use for your casement windows and provide instructions on how to apply it properly.

Unlike sliding windows, which can be difficult to clean, casement windows are easy to keep spick-and-span. They also don’t have obstructive sashes that could get stuck, and they allow more airflow than a single-sliding window.

If your wooden casement windows are deteriorating, a window repair pro can help you restore them with a new sash that is sealed tightly. They can also patch damage to wood frames and trim pieces, and remove any fog that has formed between glass panes. They can even replace the rotting sash with an aluminum replacement to avoid further problems with water and wind-borne debris. Aluminum is a lightweight option that resists corrosion in coastal areas where salt air can disintegrate metal and paint.

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