Window Styles in Pasadena TX

Window styles Pasadena TX

Whether you’re building your dream home or need replacement windows for an older house, window installation professionals can help you find the right style for your needs and budget. They can also provide energy-efficient options that reduce drafts and high energy bills.

Add elegance to your home design with eye-catching Ovation natural wood shutters. These plantation shutters are sturdy, resilient, and come with one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Awning Windows

Awning windows, also known as crank windows, open by swinging outward from a top hinge. This window style provides excellent ventilation without blocking your view of the outdoors.

They are often used in places where regular windows won’t provide enough airflow, such as above sinks. They’re also a great option to pair with non-opening picture windows for more natural light and ventilation.

Due to how they open, awning windows aren’t a good fire escape option. Make sure you have adequate space outside for these windows to open fully before choosing them. You should also check your local safety regulations and homeowner’s association rules for installing these types of windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home and they add a lot of ambiance. They allow for a lot of natural light into the home and that can help with reducing energy bills.

They are also a great place to put knick knacks or other decorative items. They also give you a place to relax with a book or just sit back and enjoy your view.

Bay windows usually consist of a center picture window with casement or double-hung windows as the “flankers”. The center window does not open but the flankers can, which helps to provide ventilation in the home during mild weather.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have fewer muntins than other window options and offer a clearer landscape view. Their sleek window frame design can bring a modern feel to any home or add timeless interest with a grille pattern.

They open wide and are easy to operate with a handle that folds and nestles when not in use. This operating style works well in rooms with limited floor space and allows for more ventilation without obstructing walkways.

They also create a tight seal, which boosts energy efficiency and reduces draftiness. However, their angled opening can obstruct exterior views when installed near walkways or decks. They also require regular maintenance to keep the hinges in good condition.

Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window has two functional sashes that move vertically. This allows you to open the top or bottom sash for ventilation. As heat rises, it escapes through the top sash, while cool air flows in through the bottom sash.

Cleaning your windows is easy with double hungs, as the top and bottom can be tilted inward. Simply slide the wash assist tabs between the sash and frame, push the tilt latches inward to tilt the upper window sash towards you and rest it carefully on the lower window sash.

Energy-efficient double hung replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen feature a tight seal to reduce heat leakage. Their Fibrex material frames and High-Performance Low-E4 glass help you save on utility costs all year round.

Single-Hung Windows

One of our most popular window options is the single-hung window. These windows slide vertically and have a lower sash that opens for ventilation. They fit into a wide range of home styles and are easy to clean. They’re also safer for children to use since only the bottom panel moves.

While these windows offer ample airflow, they have a slight disadvantage in terms of efficiency. You can open the bottom sash to allow airflow, but you can only tilt the top sash in from the inside of your house. This is more cumbersome than cleaning a double-hung window that opens both sashes.

Vertically-Opening Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally on tracks from one end to the other. This allows you to let in more natural light and make your home look larger. They are also easy to clean.

If you want a window that opens vertically, you can choose between single- or double-hung windows. They both have 2 sashes that can be opened from either the top or bottom.

They are a good choice for low-ventilation spaces like apartments that only have front and back windows. However, you have to keep in mind that the exterior screen will need to be cleaned regularly. This is because it will collect pollen, dandelion dander and dirt.

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