Window Replacement in Pasadena, TX

Upgrade your living space with new windows that are durable and energy efficient. You’ll notice lower energy bills right away.

Selecting the best replacement windows for your home requires a little research. Learn about the various window styles available to you in Pearland, TX, and choose one that meets your needs.

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window has a lower panel that moves up and down. Its simplicity and versatility make it a popular choice for homeowners seeking affordable window replacement in Pasadena. However, they require regular inspection and cleaning to ensure the proper function of their moving parts.

Renaissance Windows and Doors is a family-owned company that specializes in residential and commercial window installation. It offers awning, bay, bow, casement, and double-hung windows in addition to impact and hurricane-tough window products. Its team is trained to measure and install the right windows and doors for each client’s home or business. The company also provides window repair services. Its windows are ENERGY STAR-certified. They reduce noise and water infiltration and help improve indoor climate control. Moreover, they are available in many different colors and finishes to match the aesthetics of a home or business.

Double-Hung Windows

When it comes to window replacement in Pasadena, TX, double-hung windows are a popular choice. They feature a lower sash that moves up and down and a fixed upper window, making them easy to clean and a great option for ventilation. They also come in a wide variety of colors and shades, so they can complement any home style.

Those looking for an energy-efficient alternative may want to consider casement windows or awning windows. They are hinged on the side and open outward with a crank mechanism, so they are more energy-efficient than sliding windows.

Founded in 1997, Renaissance Windows & Doors offers a variety of customized windows and door installation services for residential customers. Its team of experts helps clients choose the ideal door and window options for their homes.

Casement Windows

A single-sash window that hinges at the side and swings outward, casement windows can offer a clear view and easy opening with the twist of a crank. This type of window is especially suited for hard-to-reach spots in your home.

Some versions of this window feature dividers between glass (known as muntins) for a more traditional appearance, while others are large and unbroken, drawing attention to your yard and landscape beyond (1). The window also features a sturdy locking mechanism, which helps limit air leakage.

Like other windows, casement windows can be customized with a variety of frames and finishes. They can complement any style home, and can even be incorporated into contemporary designs with the addition of grille patterns (2). Like awning and slider windows, casement windows offer excellent ventilation.

Awning Windows

The right windows can keep your home secure and comfortable year-round. You can reduce your energy costs by choosing replacement windows with a Low-E coating that maximizes energy efficiency and protects furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays.

Awning windows are top-hinged and open outward, allowing natural ventilation and bright light to enter your rooms. They’re ideal for modern Pasadena homes and blend well with a range of architectural styles. They’re also easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Awning windows are available in a variety of frame materials, including aluminum and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a strong and durable material that can resist corrosion. Its slim frames also allow for more glass area, enhancing natural light and views and creating a unique design feature.

Bay & Bow Windows

Whether you choose a traditional wood window or a more modern aluminum frame, there are many ways to improve your home with this eye-catching style. Depending on your energy efficiency needs, you can opt for double-pane windows or triple-pane windows that will lower your energy bills.

Bay and bow windows extend out from your home to create a more 3-dimensional space. They typically consist of three or more windows arranged together in a curved appearance, which can add an air of elegance to your League City property.

These window types feature a wide ledge that homeowners often decorate with plants, pillows, lamps, and other accent pieces. They also provide panoramic views and plenty of natural light. A bay or bow window can transform any room into a cozy nook that you will love spending time in.

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